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Are you disturbed by the increasing presence of spiders on your property? Broward County is home to many different species thanks to the heat and humidity. While most arachnids are harmless, it is concerning when they set up webs and make your building a preferred residence. If you need spider control services, contact Optimus Pest Control. Our team of skilled pest control experts can identify, locate, and eliminate spiders from your home or business and keep them from returning.

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How Do Spiders Get Inside?

Spiders find their way inside a property through points of entry like small cracks and openings around doors, windows, and your building’s foundation. Spiders feed on insects, so if they are attracted to your property, it may be a sign that you have an existing bug problem that they wish to take advantage of.

Spiders like to sneak and stay out of sight, so you may not immediately notice them. Often, the first signs of their presence are finding cobwebs in the corners of windows and rooms or underneath furniture. Spiders use these webs both as a place to rest and as a method of trapping insects to eat. When a bug comes into contact with a web, they cause vibrations that spiders can detect, which signal them to return to the web to feast on the capture. This is why you see an increased number of webs in areas that are infested with small bugs. 

The Most Common Spiders Found in Florida 

As mentioned earlier, our weather conditions allow spiders to thrive. Spiders are predatory pests and hunt relentlessly for other bugs for their meal. This makes them beneficial to the environment by regulating populations of pests like mosquitoes, gnats, and midges. Most of the time, spiders unintentionally come indoors during their scavenging. If the conditions are right, they may stick around and build a habitat in dark, secluded corners.

Some of the more common spiders that invade the properties of our clients include:

  • Jumping spiders: This small spider species may not look like much of a threat, but their ability to jump can be frightening. Because they pounce on their prey, they are not known for spinning webs to capture bugs.
  • House spiders: As their name suggests, house spiders have an affinity for living inside homes and are known for making webs in corners and around ceilings.
  • Crab spiders: This bright yellow spider gets its name from having a crab-shaped body. They typically stay around garden areas and bushes.
  • Wolf spiders: This hairy, brown-colored spider is often mistaken for a tarantula because of their larger size. They are skilled hunters that like to track down prey, which can often bring them indoors during their search.
  • Black widow spiders: This venomous spider has a trademark shiny black color with a red marking on the underside of its abdomen that is shaped like an hourglass. 
  • Brown recluse spiders: This spider is known for getting into clothing, where they can bite unsuspecting victims.

While not all spiders are dangerous, you don’t want to take any chances when they have invaded your property. If you think you have a spider problem, call us as quickly as possible so we can put together a solid control program to get rid of them.

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Trust Us to Control the Spider Population

Getting the spider population under control is vital, especially if you are worried that the spider species invading your home is aggressive. The average female house spider is known for rapidly reproducing at a rate of 250 eggs per sac. When accounting for the fact that they can make up to 17 sacs in their life span, that can mean a massive new generation of spiders waiting to hatch. 

When you call Optimus Pest Control for help with your spider problem, we will send an experienced expert to perform a free inspection to identify the spider species you have and put together a plan of action guaranteed to eliminate the invasion. 

We will present you with an estimate and, once you sign off, we will get to work removing nests or spider webs around the property. We will then carry out treatment applications and recurring follow-up applications as needed.

Our technicians will treat your property as if it were our own. We pride ourselves on conducting treatments that are minimally invasive and eco-friendly. You do not have to worry about us applying harmful chemicals because what we use is safe for children and pets while also being effective in keeping spiders away long term. We understand the safety of your family is important to you — it’s important to us too!

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