COVID Safety Tips

Optimus Pest control is providing its services all over the cities they are covering. As they are the protectors they will obviously protect us from pests. We are giving our services everywhere. As that we are having to protect our managing staff our workers and everyone working in the Optimus Pest Control. As the situation right now is going with COVID we are giving our services in a very precautionary manner. We are giving classes to the workers on the manners that they have to protect themselves from the COVID. It is our responsibility to protect our workers and the customers as well from the virus. If they will not follow it it will be very dangerous for all of us. Our workers are taking all the measures carefully.

Is the worker’s COVID clear?

Right now because of the COVID we are asking every worker in our company to take the Corona test. This so uses full for them and us as well, because if even one of our worker will get corona it will be very difficult to control. Our other workers will also get this. When they will go to the houses, schools or buildings, or restaurants they will make them sick as well. Optimus Pest Control is working will very responsible to protect our customers from the COVID. So we will check the reports of Corona of every worker and then we will allow them to work with us or will send them to work out for the customers. If any of our workers are infected with COVID we will send them home and will ask them to be quarantined for fourteen days until or unless they do not get it cured properly.

Are we safe from your workers?

Our every customer’s safety and the safety of our workers are our first priority. We will give the customers the reports of the clear corona test so that the customers will be satisfied that they are not suffering from the corona. It is very essential to take it because the virus is so dangerous and contagious. If we will not control it. It will spread more. If we will not control it. Our customers are totally safe from our workers because we are sending the workers who are COVID-free. We are having special staff that we have hired newly because of COVID. They will work on such work only. They will take tests and will confirm everything. According to the orders of that staff, we are working so that there will be no hazardous stuff we are to be faced. So our customers are totally safe from the COVID that is coming from workers or not. We are not neglecting anything that will cause us to catch the virus.

What Precautions are they taking?

We are taking every precaution so that every person is safe from the COVID and will be saved forever. If obviously, we will not take the precautions we will be the source of the spread. Our staff is giving classes on the precautions to the customer. We are keeping the workers in single rooms that are also ventilated. Our workers not moving purposeless because it could be dangerous. We are avowing grouping in the offices so that viruses do not spread. All workers are wearing surgical masks. During the coughing or the sneezing, our workers get on side and after that wash their hands and will sanitize them Our customers are keeping themselves safe and are using the masks plus washing their hands after every thirty mins.